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Why Apple at Work with Orbit

Orbit Techsol works closely in association with Apple Enterprise Team to deliver valuable, hassle-free, and effective solutions to businesses for Every Need of hour in order to deliver Best possible User Experience. The unique solutions are curated to fit every business need across different teams and different functions.

Our footprint of enterprise technology expertise and consulting-led approach, now supported with the power and security of Apple products, promises to deliver the cutting edge in personalized digital workplace solutions. Powering enterprises to reap the benefits of their investments in digital transformation like never before.

of companies report Apple device use has increased in the past 2 years

Only 5% of Mac users needed support vs 40% of PC users


of the world’s most innovative companies runs on Mac

MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 chip

Employees would choose Apple when given the choice.

ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Mac devices to their employees

Services we provide

Orbit & Apple will bring the industry’s first Experience-as-a-Service digital workplace model, combining best-in-class IT services with the best devices and platforms for the future of work.

Leasing/ Financing / Daas



Apple financing for your workplace

Apple financing for your workplace. Get your Mac at 65 INR Per Day!

Equip your business cost-effectively with the latest and most powerful Apple devices.

  • Attractive leasing terms upto 4 Years
  • Just use a Choice of Mac instead of buying upfront
  • Constant access to the latest technology
  • More flexibility for your company and less Burden on IT
  • Life Cycle Management
  • IT Asset Disposal
  • Budget Forecast

Remote and On-site Support services



Assistance and Support

Remote Support:

Apple Support from the comfort of your Home or Office is Secure, Effective, and Convenient.

Onsite support :

We are offering an onsite repair option for customers in select cities who need issues with their Apple devices addressed but aren’t able to visit a repair shop or Apple Store.

We use the best technology, expert assistance and support, and our Support services are tailored to your budget.

Software/ app development services on Xcode



iOS app development

– Custom iOS app development tailored to your unique business requirements

– Intuitive and visually appealing UI/UX design for seamless user experiences

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FMS services



Certified Resources as per your requirements

Struggling with Support for Apple Devices, We can provide onsite Apple Certified Engineer for Supporting Apple Users with Mac, iPad or iPhone

Looking for a Partner who can Help you to Manage MDM or Apple Infrastructure for your Business, Now Reach Orbit for Certified Resources as per your requirements

CSM tool for ticket raising



Ticketing software for every team

Ticketing software for every team

It’s easy for every team, to set up and tailor their service desks to meet their specific needs.

  • Connect dev, IT Ops, and business teams on one platform
  • Deliver great service experiences across teams, fast
  • Collaborate on one platform
  • Resolve incidents quickly

Apple device Lifecycle Management services



Life Cycle Management

Design and Planning, Business Process Automation, Procurement, Staging and Configuration, Deployment, Maintenance, Installation/ Moving/ Adding/ Changing, IT Asset Disposal/Trade in/ Contract renewal.

Orbit WFH onboarding kit



Kit to WFH employees

Kit to WFH employees that will include Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone, Apple AirPods, Bag, Cap, goodies, etc

AppleCare for Enterprise

Enterprise grade support

AppleCare for Enterprise can help reduce the load on your internal help desk by providing technical support for employees over the phone, 24/7, with one-hour response times for top-priority issues. Know more about AppleCare 

MDM ( Mobile Device Management )

MDM enables admins to address the potential vulnerabilities introduced by mobile devices and computers, most of which are used for both personal and professional purposes. (The so-called bring your own device, or BYOD, phenomenon.) It supports technologies such as containerization to protect corporate data, as well as the privacy of personal data.

At first MDM measures were simple, such as mandating password protection and enabling admins to lock or wipe devices remotely. But over the years MDM capabilities evolved to include implementing data encryption, configuring devices remotely, tracking device location, security monitoring, and more.

MDM solutions consist of a server component, which provides a central point of control for IT admins, and agents that are installed on mobile devices. In most cases, MDM server software runs in the cloud and issues commands to devices to adjust configurations, monitor activity, regulate access to enterprise apps and data, and enforce device security. Essentially, MDM enables organizations to enforce their compliance and data security policies as well as configure devices efficiently, without touching them (often referred to as over-the-air, or OTA).

Although some MDM solutions work across Apple, Microsoft, and Android platforms, platform-specific solutions provide more granular device control over devies that use the macOS, iOS, and iPadOS operating systems (including desktops). For example, an Apple MDM solution works hand-in-glove with Apple Business Manager, the web portal that enables admins to maintain an inventory of an organization’s Apple devices, to enroll those devices into management, and to generate Managed Apple IDs for end users.

Regardless of platform, the more admins can accomplish centrally, with MDM automation features, the less time they to spend managing devices manually.

Services Features

Elevate your employee experience with the power of Apple devices at work.

When employees have access to the best devices and services to manage and support them, the organizational benefits can really add up — a productive and innovative workforce, employees that are more motivated and engaged, and an organization that can attract and retain the best talent.

Orbit Techsol’s services meet you where you are on your Apple journey.