Data center Management

We are data center solution providers

Protect your business and data, powered by the most secure industry-standard servers.

  • Servers
  • Networking routers and switches
  • Storage systems and firewalls
  • Server racks
  • Redundant power sources
  • Cooling devices

Orbit Techsol honored with the prestigious awards

  • Orbit Techsol has won HPE Pointex Best Solution Seller Award from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Awarded with HPE Storage Transformation Partner.
  •  Awarded with “HPE Storage Transformation Partner H1’22 ” AND “HPI Flying Ace Partner – New Business Opportunities” awards.
  • Awarded with HPE-Partner Storage Presales Community(PSPC) Storage Excellence Award H1’23 at Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Need a Data Consultant?

If you’re planning a data center project—meaning more than just a server room or other small IT implementation—then you need to hire a data center consultant. And if your company needs its own data center, then it cannot afford a facility that isn’t designed and built properly to maintain consistent uptime.

Designing and Consulting

If you’re planning to build a new data center facility (or retrofit an existing structure for use as a data center), you should seriously consider hiring a data center consultant

Power and Cooling

You need to provide enough cooling to your servers to maintain performance levels while trying to keep cooling costs low. Failure to properly cool your servers can cause them to overheat and crash, resulting in devastating downtime.

Business Continuity

Orbit India’s Business continuity services identifies the dependencies and ensure that the business keeps operating irrespective of the situation. 


A consolidation system that leverages advanced cloud and virtualisation technology to prevent underperformance and incremental costs of maintaining the data centre assets is a necessity.