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Overcome the limitations of traditional buying and leasing methods. Instead, get more flexible, user-centric, and sustainable approach.

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HPI Laptop Subscription Model: Solving SMB Tech Challenges

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Adaptable to Business Dynamics

  • Build flexibility into subscription plans to accommodate changes in staff, roles, and device requirements.
  • Allow easy scaling or downgrading of subscription services based on business needs.

Flexible Subscription Plans

  • Offer customizable plans to accommodate varying needs and budgets of SMBs.
  • Provide options for different laptop specifications, software bundles, and support levels.

Cashflow Preservation

  • Implement a cost-effective subscription model to help businesses manage their cash flow effectively.
  • Monthly or quarterly payments to ease financial burden.

Continuous Hardware Upgrades

  • Guarantee regular hardware upgrades to keep pace with software evolution.
  • Ensure that employees always have access to the latest technology without additional costs.

Efficient Logistics

  • Establish a streamlined process for configuring and shipping devices directly to employees.
  • Track shipments in real-time to provide visibility and control.

Timely Support Services

  • Offer dedicated customer support for quick issue resolution.
  • Provide on-site repair or replacement services to minimize downtime.

Proposed subscription solution for HPI laptops aims to overcome the limitations of traditional buying and leasing methods

Capital Preservation and Predictable Costs

  • Monthly subscription model
  • Eliminate upfront investments

Flexibility for Business Agility

  • Horizontal flexibility for device refresh
  • Vertical flexibility with a “1-click” seat management system

Streamlined Administration

  • Consolidate devices under a single plan
  • Provide a unified monthly bill

Device Swap Support

  • Efficient device replacement or upgrade
  • Minimize disruption to productivity

Security Focus

  • Robust security features
  • Disk wipe certification during device refresh or off-boarding

Sustainability Integration

  • Include renewed devices in the subscription mix
  • Promote eco-friendly manufacturing and e-waste management

User-Centric Experience

  • Consider user feedback for device refresh and upgrades
  • Implement a user-friendly interface

Continuous Improvement

  • Regular device updates based on technological advancements
  • Actively seek customer feedback for continuous enhancement