Software solution

Orbit has associated with various software vendors either focusing on specific industries or business applications to ensure our customers can get every solution they require.  Orbit can provide them all with world class products couple by its own legendary services.

Software Solutions

Our solution spectrum comprises of answers for the smallest to the largest IT requirements, challenges customers might have. Orbit specializes in setting up complete infrastructure for companies covering the entire gamut of IT products, applications & services. To make the whole experience of working with us rewarding and to ensure customer views us as a consulting partner who will provide the right solution, we have setup a complete band of pre-sales consultants who can work with you to arrive at the most appropriate, scalable & cost-effective solutions to address your current & future requirements.

Orbit has associated with various software vendors either focusing on specific industries or business applications to ensure our customers can get every solution they require.  Orbit can provide them all with world class products couple by its own legendary services.




Hosting client’s company email on someone else’s server can put the security of your company’s crucial information at risk. Orbit solutions offer organisations their own email servers that allows a complete control over your policies and governing data. It allows you to put in place a customised data retention policy based upon the nature of your business. Our email software solutions help you with value added features and benefits to help streamline communication across all levels in the organisation. With your own email system,it’s easy to schedule your own customised updates for a time that works best for yourorganisation, and exercise direct control over picking which features to be added, engaged or removed.


Virtualisation helps your development teams to use virtual services thereby, enabling recurrent and comprehensive testing even in cases when key components are missing from the system architecture. Service virtualization allows complex applications to go through integration testing beforehand in the development process, thus, removing critical hold-ups that might delay production testing for an application under testing stage. Growing number of companies are utilising service virtualization services by Orbit Solutions to convalesce productivityand decrease testing costs. In addition to rivalling major software applications, these virtual assets can be consistently shared and used by your entire production team. It facilitates an efficient parallel development practices. By removing dependency constraints across theenterprise through virtualization, clients can gain a competitive advantage over competitors.


We are specialists in offering database management solutions and aim at converting the paper chores into easy-to-use database that promotes uniformity and keeps everyone in your organisation on the same page. With the time saved from manually writing information on papers, spreadsheets, accounting packages etc.… your intellectual assets can invest it in growing the core business. Our customised database solutions offer easy to use screens to match your organisational style of working and ensures that the job is done in the minimum time andwith precision.

 Data Centre Management

To achieve the levels of efficiency and reliability of the complex data storage, using intelligent Data Centre Management solutions is the need of the hour. A properly managed data centre management solution helps in centralize monitoring, administering,optimal capacity planning, and managing the best virtual and physical infrastructure for your enterprise needs. Irrespective of the legacy configuration, with the help of efficient data centre management solutions, the right data will always be at the right place. Orbit solutions data centre management software solutions assists in automation of working, better decision making, enhanced application availability, and operating efficiency as well.

Network Management

Network performance issues directly influencethe revenue generating actionsof the organisation and also add to the operational costs of the company. As the organisational networks expand in size and complexity, accessibility and performance can be adversely impacted. Effective network management is imperative to enableyour enterprise infrastructure to reduce cost and upsurge agility. A continuous flow of new strategies and wits are needed to manage this business-critical infrastructure. Orbit solutionsoffer fully integrated and automated network management solutions that manages issues, performance, and enhances availability fault management and increases availability, along with automating change and configuration management to empoweracquiescence.

Collaboration Tools

Adopting online collaboration tools for your organization is no mean feat. As a growing enterprise, your collaboration tools must make it easy to keep track of projects, changes, and other disaster management issues. With cloud so deeply rooted in the business, working remotely is not a new concept. Having a good set of collaboration tools, you can help in an organised way even while having employees dispersed in faraway locations. Orbit solutions offer customised collaborative tools that aid in ease of reporting and tracking of the process, and smoother functioning of business, irrespective of the location.

Collaboration Tools

✓ Business Requirement: In today’s fast paced marketplace the ability to effectively plan, communicate, implement and share within a business is critical. The more dispersed a technology is, the more difficult it is to collaborate and maintain control over the critical components required to deliver positive results.

✓ Orbit Offerings: Orbit Collaboration Solutions enable enterprises to cultivate a vibrant, real-time environment in order to share ideas and information in the pursuit of common goals. Some of the majorly used and key offerings in collaboration service offerings are:

✓ Key Benefits: Orbit’s feature-rich solution tools are packed with collaboration, communication, and management capabilities into one single integrated environment

It will help the companies with

  • Securely collaborate to improve system performance

  • Increase customer satisfaction by addressing different problems with one solution